Saudade Coleção

Miss. This word is so unique that it distinguishes us and makes us unique. Saudade, that beautiful word, where happy moments reside. It was from there that we decided to present the new SS21 collection from My Cute Pooch, but let anyone who assumes that we assume it as a nostalgic memory be disappointed. It gives the title and the motto for the new season as a personification of the authenticity of the Portuguese being and the desire to put behind us all the melancholy and loneliness that we feel and replace it with the return to the gentle time of people and moments.

Let’s focus on the good stuff. We will go back to walking the streets of our cities and we will do it with a positive attitude, in completely new and attractive tones. From strong blues to oranges and violets with yellow accents, this season we will play with the colors and, above all, we will do it in good Portuguese.