About My Cute POOCH

the story behind the brand

My Cute Pooch is a fashion Portuguese brand, dedicated to design, production and marketing of customizable bags and female accessories.
The brand comes from an original idea of her mentor, supported and worked by creation and development department of a company with extensive knowledge and almost 30 years’ experience in the footwear and fashion items.
Since the beginning it has been concerned with the use sustainable, innovative and recyclable materials.
My cute Pooch aims to be a brand differentiating and reference at national level and international.

my cute pooch
Be yourself
We are all about celebrating diversity and uniqueness, encouraging you to look good, but always being yourself and respecting others for who they are.
PETA-Approved Vegan
We’ve even been certified by PETA as an approved vegan brand, a certification that ensures that our products are free of animal origin components.
Made in Portugal
Born from a company with 29 years of experience in the production of rubber and similar products, always using the best materials and innovating in quality standards.
My Cute Pooch Products

My Cute Pooch’s focus is on selling custom handbags and accessories, elected by its fashion concept and inspirational design. The high quality and unique materials of the Pooch products are one of our greatest strengths.

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My Cute Pooch wants to give a central role to the individuality and versatility of women, adapting to different personalities, different moments and creating an alternative to the monotony of everyday life.
Mara Ferreira
Brand Manager