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Create your own Pooch Bag

It’s time to build your Pooch Bag! Our fun collection offers you a wide range of possibilities that you can mix and match.

Pooch Bags


Go to the costumizer

Personalize and create your bag with just a few clicks.


To keep your things nice and safe and add more detail to your bag, you now have to select the inner bag, available in different colours and prints.

*The inner bag is fitted inside the body of the bag and its metal hoops fitted to two lateral slots of the body.

Inner bag

Star by choosing the colour of your Pooch bag body in B-Light® material. Lightweight, practical and just the right size to take those essentials with you everywhere.


Your Pooch’s attachable ears are made of 100% recyclable materials. Choose between basic colours or the print that matches your mood.


You can match the nose with the ears or pick a different colour to make more of a statement.


Interchangeable long straps or short handles, in silver or golden metal and fixed with snap hooks on the inner bag hoops, will add the final touch to your bag.

Laser Etching

To make your bag even more special, customize it with your name, initial or expression, with a limit of 20 characters.

Pooch Bag Gravation

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Your now one step away from being the proud owner of your one and only Pooch bag.
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