1. The POOCH Gift Card is valid for purchasing products on the mypoochbags.com website
2. The Card can be purchased using the payment methods accepted by the website. The Gift Card cannot be purchased through another Gift Card.
3. The purchased card cannot be returned.
4. The card balance cannot be refunded or returned in cash.
5. The value of the gift card must be used in full in a purchase.
6. If the purchase amount exceeds the balance available on the Card, the difference can be paid through any of the other payment methods accepted on mypoochbags.com
7. Products purchased with the POOCH Gift Card at mypoochbags.com are subject to the same exchange and return policy as any other product purchased from the online store.
8. The POOCH Gift Card is valid for one year from the date of dispatch of the order. Once the term has expired, the Card cannot be renewed, used to purchase items, nor can the unused balance be claimed.